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Designer World - Juwel DeLuxe

Designer World - Juwel DeLuxe

The crown of perfect elegance

Real gems, framed in shining fine metals, are made even more valuable by the exquisite, unmistakable Ricarda M. design. Extravagant chic and timeless elegance merge with trendy details to glamorous harmony of the elements.

The noble, high quality jewelry pieces with their expressive design unmistakably and clearly represent the personality of the designer. The clear sparkle of the gems reflects her passionate fire.

With creative esprit, temper and much love to the detail, Ricarda M. with Juwel DeLuxe created a luxurious, timeless jewelry collection to enhance the natural beauty of every woman with shining brilliance.

Juwel DeLuxe – a dream comes true

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Designer World - Paradise Jewelry

Designer World - Paradise Jewelry

An opulent paradise of shining versatility

The finest processing, original and expressive designs and a facetious harmony between elements: The paradise-like-creations of the Ricarda M. Paradise Jewelry collection accentuate every occasion and every styling, making it powerful and majestic. The lovingly designed, unique details, the stylish class and the glamorous attractiveness of the extravagant, trendy jewelry make the coveted collector’s objects.

The luxurious but achievable treasures are made more attractive and versatile by the use of very different materials such as fake furs, pearls, paradise stones, crystals, enamel or acryl. The material mix gives the splendid jewelry pieces their unmistakable identity.

Paradise Jewelry – Perfect Splendor

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