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Ricarda M. Designer World

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Owner (=provider): Ricarda M. Hofmann
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Legal information about the website

This website contains text, pictures and other intellectual property, protected by copyrights, or design patents and/or trademarks under German Law. Any unauthorized use beyond copying for private purposes is forbidden.

We are not responsible for any content of third party websites connected via link with our website. Responsibility for external websites is borne by the provider of the third party website. However, we will delete the link immediately after getting knowledge of any unlawful contents.

Our website merely intends to inform about Ricarda M. products. For ordering Ricarda M. products please use third party websites.

Data privacy statement

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. The following paragraphs provide information about how we handle data.

Personal data

If you voluntarily provide personal data to us, like name, address, phone number or email-address, this data will be elevated, processed and used by us for the handling of complaints as well as for the information about our services and for the information about Ricarda M. products. We do not share or forward your personal data to or with third parties.


To expand the functional range of our internet offer, we will implement so called Session Cookies. Cookies are small data files archived on your computer while clicking on our websites. Data from these Cookies will be used in the context of the registration for the protected area. The cookies will be deleted after the termination of the session.

To prevent Cookies on your computer, you can tune your browser accordingly .Storage of Cookies is excluded in some cases or generally. This however can lead to a limited function of our website.

On our website we use plug-ins of different social networks represented by their logos. Visiting our pages with embedded social network plug-in creates a connection between your browser and the social network server and data will be transferred to the social network. In case you are having an account with the social network, the social network may identify your visit on our website. You may prevent this by logging out off the social network before visiting our website. You may get more information on this topic in the data privacy statements of the social networks.

Statistical Data

By visiting our website no personal data will be gained. However, your browser delivers certain anonymous data. This data will be saved in so called logfiles, not connected with other data sources, namely: type and version of the browser, type and version of the systems software, eventually URL of earlier visited websites (if following a link), visited websites or the name of a visited data file, date and time and duration of the visit, visited subpages and if the visit was successful.


On request you immediately get information if we have recorded any of your personal data. Furthermore you may at all times request the deletion and the termination of the use and the processing of your communicated personal data with immediate effect. The deletion will be carried out immediately, provided this does not conflict with any contractual or legal duties.

Governing law

The laws of Germany shall govern the use of our website.