Ricarda M. Skin Food Day & Body Coach Night

Skin Food Day und Body Coach Night

The precious products offer innovative, highly effective nutritive substances, which were especially designed for the needs of the skin and of the body for day and night. With this, Ricarda M. offers – unique in homeshopping - a holistic concept of a highly potent anti-aging nutrition for the support of the vital functions of the skin, to reduce the signs of age from within with longlasting effects and to prevent from illness.

Skin Food Day:

Topics: Cell protection, telomerase, structure, protection, hormone

The capsules contain precious extracts from the astralagus root, MSM against inflammations (methylsulfonylmethan, an organic bonded sulfur), the precious and tested raw material Ceramoside™ with natural ceramides, yam root as well as vitamin B2, B6, vitamin B12, manganese, zinc, selenium und copper for the protection of the cells against negative influences of the environment and for the preservation of normal skin, hair and nails for the day.

Suggested Use: 1 capsule in the morning with sufficient liquid

Content: 30 capsules, provision for 1 month

Body Coach Night:

Topics: Intestine, liver, cell regeneration

BODY COACH Night is a precious dietary supplement, which is based upon the knowledge of the actual medical research connected with the health of the intestine, the liver and the skin regeneration in the night. The capsules contain fibre of rye for the support of the normal function of the intestine (with gluten), dandelion root extract and choline for the support of the liver function as well as spermidine as the „substance of the youth”, Reishi („mushroom of a long life”), Baobab, magnesium and zinc for the support of the cell division in the night.

Suggested Use: 1 capsule in the evening with sufficient liquid

Packaging congent: 30 capsules, provision for 1 month