SSC - Solar Skin Care

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - SSC - Solar Skin Care

A wonderful tan without regrets

The SSC-self-tanning line by Ricarda M. satisfies the longing for summer beauty. The exclusive, luxurious self-tanning products for a healthy complexion without regrets for face & body enchant everyone with selected caring ingredients. The sun rises for your skin – a dreamlike body feeling even in winter!

The SSC-sun-shielding line by Ricarda M. offers the best protection against UVA/UVB radiation. An innovative formula helps to compensate the drying effect of sunlight, and at the same times allows for healthy, deep tan. It also activates the skin’s own cellular protection mechanism, maintains elasticity and resilience, and prevents pigment spots.

Bioactive components for care before and after sunbathing optimize the elasticity of the skin, they cool and soothe and replenish the thirsty skin with the much needed moisture.

Solar Skin Care – The luxury program for demanding sun worshippers

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