SOS - Secrets of Skin Dermixx4

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - SOS - Secrets of Skin Dermixx4

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Secrets of Skin Dermixx4 is a completely new active agent composition that had been developed on the basis of the newest research insights in cooperation with a renowned laboratory in Germany. Inspired by modern gen-research, this line with its four-column-concept sets unique standards.

The innovative agent-complex Dermixx4 is based upon the synergy of four active agents that are perfectly matched upon their functionality to grant the skin-cells of the epidermis a high degree of protection and vitality.

The extraordinary composition makes this line a juvenescent skin care for every skin type. Even for a combination skin type, an unpurified, oily or dry skin this care displays all of its special features. The precious substances in Secrets of Skin are cell-protective, cell-regenerative and detoxifying. That makes it perfect for skin-regeneration in every age from 20 to 50+.

Paraben-free. PEG-free. Mineraloil-free.

Secrets of Skin Dermixx4 – The fourth dimension of youth