PCC - Power C Care

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - PCC - Power C Care

High-Level Vitamin C for your Skin

Ricarda M is a vegan, tightening anti-wrinkle and anti-pigmented moles care for every age and every skin type, standing out by the Power C x 100 FORMULA, in which highly concentrated forms of vitamin C join in a revolutionary formula with the most powerful superfruits of the world.

The new Power C Care Line restructures the micro relief of the skin for finer pores and an enhanced contour, skin elasticity will be improved. Age spots will be reduced. Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes intensively and improves at long sight the quality of the skin from the inside. All products of the velvety line, scenting deliciously of fresh oranges, melt on the skin with a sudden soft-focus effect. Photoshop in the cup!

Power C Care - Pimp your natural radiance