PCC - Power C Care

Ricarda M. Cosmetics - PCC - Power C Care

The fruity vitamin cocktail for any skin type

The powerful PCC line avails itself of the power of nature. In order to improve the benefits of a fresh vitamin cocktail for your skin, the vitamins ACE in borage oil will be transported into the skin through phosphorlipids.

All PCC caring products stand out by virtue of different exotic fruits like Amla – symbol for eternal youth in the Ayurvedic medicine – Acai and Goji, soy and citrus fruits. In the unmistakable packaging in orange and gold, this line offers protection against oxidative stress, it stimulates the self protection mechanism, prevents cell aging, regulates the moisturization of the skin, refines the pores and soothes spots.

Ideal for every skin type and every age.

Power C Care - Pimp your natural radiance

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